about me

Hey there... My name is Frederick. I hail from England, UK.
Like all of you i have a life that is totally unique to me. I hope you recognize that that is the same for every living human being , yes including you.

We may have similar experiences but at the same time we all react and see them very differently. Some people see all experiences as an adventure while others see themselves as victims to all circumstances and there are those in between and all the various levels and shades... giving each one of us a unique finger print of life.

This is about my life's Story emphasizing on how i went from Engineer to Businessman / Entrepreneur and i hope this will encourage all those who know they deserve better to take that first step to what i call freedom (entrepreneurship) with a knowing that anything is possible.

 I hope you enjoy my story which i will write in episodes under  this  About page - see drop down menu.
The beginning story is on the home page.