my life story - Chapter 2

Sweet 16 and the best teens life,PLUS -  a great life lesson

Apart from the life changing moment of dad's remarks about me when i was nearly 16 years old there was also another occasion that also had a profound effect on my life before this, when i was 12 or 13 years old.

It was probably a casual conversation, but it affected the way i was to live and think for the entirety of my teens.

Dad spelled out his advice / philosophy of growing up:

1. In your teens - do as many hobbies / sports as possible and be eager to learn as much as possible to find out what you are either good at or interested in. (Try to find out what you LOVE to do)
... Because while at school you have plenty of time to do this. He said after leaving school you won't have the time for many hobbies.

Wow.. i now understand how important this is and i am so lucky that these words really effected my motivation. I loved the fact that i had dad's permission to try everything.

so i took up the following hobbies / interests and loved everyone of them while in my teens at school:

  • - sailing 1 x weekly
  • - Trombone 1 to 2 hours daily practice + bands and orchestra on Saturday‚Äôs
  • - Table Tennis - 1 x weekly league game in a team (dad Bro and me) we called ourselves "The Legionnaires" + 2 nights practice
  • - Studied memory lessons
  • - studied hypnosis
  • - studied and practice magic tricks (my uncle was in the 'magic circle'
  • - Football - selected for the 2nd school team
  • - Joined a team making a Hovercraft and piloted it for the 1st international schools race and WON!

2. In your 20's - study like crazy and get your qualifications (work hard + play hard)

3. in your 30's - slow up and take it easy

4. In your 40's - work like crazy in business or work and use the experience of your 30's.

5. in your 50's - ease back and live simply

This life advice has stuck with me, right or wrong. And he was right about after my school years... i hardly had time to continue all my hobbies let alone start new ones.

I did continue with trombone, table tennis and later i added skiing to the mix too. But that point number 1 was great advice.

Anyway .. most of point 1 was done from 12 to 16 years old

Now when i was 16 as you can read in the intro i was ready to leave school and NOT continue on at school for 'A' levels. So i decided to leave mums nest.

It was the most exciting time of my life. I was going to leave home and get a job!! .. whooopee!! freeeedom!!

Looking back, because of the confidence my dad had in me and the fact he trusted and respected my decision to go out on my own... helped me WANT to become a responsible trustworthy person. In fact i was more excited about becoming a great person than anything else.

If dad had been the opposite i may have also reacted differently and may have not been motivated to the same thing.

Some great lessons here for a parent.
Treat your kids such that they feel:

  1.  trusted
  2.  understood
  3.  listened to
  4.  cared about

Kids will respond to this positively and be internally motivated to be a confident, trustworthy motivated individual.

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Love ... Fred (who the heck is Fred)